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Please use the order form below to place any order you would like. Whether ordering a cake/ cupcakes or macarons, please indicate the details in the "other" comment section. Curbside pick up or delivery may be available. No need to wait for a special event! 
Special Event:
National Handmade Day is April 6th. To celebrate this day, we will have a pop up event at Handmade on Main in Boerne.  Pre-orders are always accepted by filling out the order form below or contacing us directly by call, text or email. Will have a section on hand for purchase as well. 
April 6th from 11-5 pm

Handmade on Main 

347 North Main St

Boerne TX


Available in 6 pack - $16 or 12 pack - $30

  • Strawberry:

-filled with strawberry cream filling

  • Lavender:

-filled with lavender ganache

  • Lemon:

-filled with lemon filling

  • Raspberry:

-filled with raspberry jam and wrapped with dark chocolate ganache.

  • Chocolate:

-filled with chocolate buttercream

  • Pistachio:

-filled with pistachio cream filling

  • Strawberry Mint:

-filled with a strawberry jam and wrapped with mint buttercream

  • Blueberry:

-filled with blueberry buttercream filling

  • Funfetti:

-filled with vanilla cream filling and wrapped with sprinkles

  • Cookie Dough:

-filled with a creamy cookie dough filling

  • Neapolitan:

-filled with a creamy vanilla buttercream

  • Cherry:

-filled with cherry buttercream

  • Variety - 12 pk only

-include one of each flavor.

Online Order Form

Pre-order today. You will be contacted for payment. Be specific in the order section below.

Thanks for your order!

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